Art Direction - Thibaut de Longeville
Photography - Pierre Belhassen
Graphic Design - Sébastien Caldas

Visual artist / graphic designer Shepard Fairey was invited by Hennessy to create his own Limited Edition bottle of Hennessy Very Special.

360 Creative Agency were hired by Hennessy to create several print communication items including a booklet included in the deluxe edition package, a press kit, a set of give-away postcards and a limited edition coffee table book celebrating the collaboration between Shepard Fairey and Hennessy.

360 Creative also handled printing and manufacturing of the 100 page / metallic ink / embossed printing coffee table, which were offered to key media outlets and top-tier influencers throughout the world.

The content we created was also used on to tell the story of the collaboration between Shepard Fairey and Hennessy.