2013 - AKQA Paris

To announce the arrival of the Flyknit technology in Paris, we wanted to introduce the shoe and its revolutionary technology in a big way to people way beyond the core runner group. 

By using Facebook albums as a dynamic base, we created a scavenger hunt that paired an up-to-the-day updated map of Paris with "FlyKnitted Clues" scattered throughout the City. 

Then we used Instagram as a way for people to collect those clues and prove that they did the scavenger hunt. People followed and came back twice everyday to get a glimpse of where the trail was and where they should be running. 

Through runs and clues, we made sure to ignite the City and created excitement in casual people and core runners alike. After the four days, the people with the biggest amount of clues collected were invited to The Flyknit Dome and offered shoes.

The Scavenger hunt on Facebook without creating an application for it.